The Best Sausages in Los Angeles

Celebrate Oktoberfest with sausages from around the world

Sausage plate at Sahag's Basturma
Sausage plate at Sahag's Basturma | Photo by Joshua Lurie

Sausage is a time-tested tradition that takes off-cuts of meat and transforms them with spices and seasoning into encased flavor bombs. Oktoberfest first started in 1810 in Munich and has since become a hotbed for communal beer and sausage consumption. That legacy continues locally at places like Torrance’s Alpine Village. Thankfully, people don’t need to rely on that raucous stretch of time in September and October to get sausage drunk. Sausage traditions also extend far beyond Bavaria, around the globe. Discover 11 places to enjoy house-made sausages in L.A.

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